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Virtually Nothing

‘Virtually Nothing’ Publication  // Andy Miah (author) 

An early cyber commentary by Andy Miah at the turn of the current millennium seeks to find answers as to whether online life is feasible, viable and sustainable. Delving deeper into the client’s text, the narrative presented speaks of a dual reality that is inseparable to the point of disillusion. Reality is seen as tangible daily life, whereas the emerging online identity and adoption of this as a parallel reality is where the issues emerge. This understanding has guided the art direction of this publication, referencing the 1990s world of computing technology where glitches and pixelation confuse the clarity of an image, web page or entire system. A process of gradual degradation unfolds through the chronological order of the publication to reflect the narrative to readers. Images within are comprised of extremely mundane and ordinary scenes from daily life and are distorted to the point of unrecognition, signifying the blur between the parallel realities and identities that individuals create online that lead to complete disassociation. Primarily, this publication aims to question the benefit of trusting the online realm and its corruption of identity. 

Year: 2020

Media: Print

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