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Project X

The Invisible Issue Campaign // The Australian Greens Party

Climate change is becoming more threatening every year. So, how do we communicate with 8 billion people on a personal level? Identifying food waste as one of the top contributors to climate change is the foundation of this campaign. Research shows that food waste has massive repercussions on personal income and national economies, but also poses a greater health risk than imaginable. Humans selfishly care about money and their health, so harnessing these factors as key components in the campaign seek to speak to people on an individual level to prompt behavioural change. However, the repercussions of food waste tend to be missed by the individual because they are so far removed from them. Hence, the dedication to making this issue visible by giving the sheer volume of waste and methane a visual form. Visually quantifying these by creating various visual similes makes food waste something tangible, as individuals often forget about the life cycle of food once it has been thrown out in the bin. Incorporating verbal messaging that compares amounts of food waste to wasted money and poor health consequences encourages everyday Australians to reframe their understandings of the issue, self-reflect and recognise their part in contributing to food waste. Upon doing so, they will have a greater ability to recognise and prevent behaviours or actions that negatively impact themselves and food waste, such as overbuying produce or wasting unfinished food. Through a suite of posters, billboards and digital media, there is a media touchpoint for every Australian. Content and copy are suited specifically to the context of the proposed advertisement depending on how an individual has the opportunity to view the message. Ultimately, this campaign asks Australians to recognise how many personal resources are individually wasted on discarded food and to reconsider their behaviours to improve their own quality of life and consequently, our environment. 


Installation screen     

Landing page               

Year: 2021

Media: Print, screen, light, installation

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