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Melbourne Art and Design (MAAD) Art Guide // VicArts, Creative Victoria

With a focus on typography, this publication is intended for practical use by tourists and avid art lovers visiting or wanting to explore Melbourne’s vibrant art culture. A shortlist of local contemporary galleries comprise the majority of the spreads in order to highlight local and emerging artists to an international audience. Experimenting with a handcrafted typeface using paint for insert pages ushers forth the traditional notion of an artist, which reinforces the publication’s content. Choosing a sans-serif typeface ensures that a contemporary feel for the art guide, complimenting its focus on contemporary art galleries. Concealed in an aluminium zip-lock package, the art guide is intended to be preserved in this pack. Creating a basic map to compliment the publication is necessary as the predicted users of this art guide are likely non-Melburnians, therefore not knowing the geography of the city well. Printing the wayfinding map of the featured galleries onto the pack encourages individuals to keep the package as it contains useful information and protect the publication inside it. Accompanying the printed guide is an adapted digital version, presenting in the form of a website for both desktop and mobile viewing. This art guide has a dual goal; to showcase Melbourne’s artistic talents and provide a unique cultural experience for visitors.


Website (desktop)   

Website (mobile)      

Year: 2020

Media: Print, screen

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